Dr. Tilaka M Rao

Dr. Tilaka M Rao is an erudite scholar of Vyākaraṇa, who underwent 10 years of rigourous gurukula training in the Prabodhini Gurukula and Veda Vijnana Gurukula.  He has completed his PhD from Pondicherry University, and is currently working as Assistant Professor, MIT School of Vedic Sciences, MIT-ADT University, Pune. He has a teaching experience of over 6 years, and is visiting faculty at the School of Philosophy and Economic Science, Dublin, Ireland. Dr. Tilaka has authored 3 books – “Idviveka” is a very useful manual on anubandhas in Pāṇinian system, while “Kārikākara” is a compilation of useful kārikā-s from various śāstra-s. A third book, intended as an introductory manual for Pāṇinian grammar, covering all the major concepts and pratyaya-s with extensive practice exercises, is under publication. Dr. Tilaka is teaching the course Aṣṭādhyāyīpraveśaḥ, based on this book.