Ms. P.R. Gayathri

Ms. P.R. Gayathri is a passionate teacher, who has several years of experience in teaching Sanskrit at various levels. She has been a teacher in CBSE schools and PU colleges. She is also teaching texts like Narayaneeyam and Prataparudriyam to students taking up various examinations.

Having completed her MA in vedanta from the Madras university under Dr. N Veezhinathan (Retd. HOD, Dept of Sanskrit, Madras University), Gayathri worked on Sabdavrttis with reference to Vrttideepika for her MPhil under the guidance of Dr. V Abhiramasundaram(HOD, Dept. of Sanskrit, Vivekananda College, Chennai). She has presented papers in several National conferences and seminars, including the All India Oriental conference. She was trained by Smt. Bhagyalakshmi for the Chittoor exams in her college days. She currently resides in Bangalore.

Ms. Gayathri is an active blogger since 2008, actively writing on Sanskrit literature in the blog संस्कृते लिखामः ( She has also worked for CDAC, Pune in translation projects as part of their Sanskrit team.

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