Vid M.A. Alwar is Professor of Prācīna and Navīna Nyāya (Logic) at Karnataka Sanskrit University, Mysore. A native of Tirunarayanapuram (Melkote), he descends from a family noted for its dedication to scholarship in Sanskrit and Philosophy. He studied Nyāya, Vedānta, and darśana from a young age with the acclaimed scholar Sri Kothimangalam S. Varadacharya.

Sri. Alwar has published several books including Sri Ramanuja – Life and Philosophy, Essentials of VishishtadvaitaPerception – Perspectives of Artificial Intelligence and Indian Philosophy, etc. He is also actively involved in development of Multimedia packages for various aspects of Indian Culture and heritage like Sandhyavandanam, Panchasuktam, ancient scripts, etc.

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