Dr. Shobha Vasuki


• VIDYAVARIDHI ( Ph.D ) from Rashtriya Samskrita Samsthana, New Delhi
Topic- Sree VedantadeshikastotrakaavyeShu Vedaantatattvaanaam Chandasaam ca sameekShaNam
• M.A. (Samskrit)
• B.Sc. (PCM)
• Completed JLPT Level IV Diploma in Japanese Language from Bangalore University.
• CCCT from Academy for Creative Teaching, BG.
• Diploma in Auricular therapy and SuJok therapy.


15 years as Samskrit Teacher for high school students at Poornaprajna High School, Sadashivanagar, Bangalore.
• Taught 1 year at Swami Sivananda Education Centre, Malleswaram, Bangalore
• Set up TRAEEE Samskrita Kendra, a weekly meet to train young kids (9-12 years) on songs, story-telling and drama in Samskrit. Kids are trained to explore, express and excel in Samskrit.
• Regularly conducting Samskrit classes for adults (recently completed teaching 108 subhashitas on 10 selected topics).
• Gave a talk on Subhaashitas in “Gandhada Gudi” a Kannada Radio Channel at Fremont, California.
• Conducted more than 30 Spoken Samskrit Workshops.
• Presented papers to PRAJNA- Quarterly Journal of PPSM, Bangalore


• Carnatic Music.
• Mysore Traditional Painting, Tanjore Painting, Chittara(Tribal art) and Pottery.
• A student of Sharada Lipi at Vyoma Labs.

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