Dr. Shobha Vasuki

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Dr. Shobha Vasuki is a highly experienced Sanskrit teacher. She has taught Sanskrit for over 15 years as Samskrit Teacher for high school students at Poornaprajna High School, Sadashivanagar, Bangalore. Following her MA (Sanskrit), she has earned her Vidyavaridhi (Ph.D) from Rashtriya Samskrita Sansthan, New Delhi, for her thesis on Sree VedantadeshikastotrakaavyeShu Vedaantatattvaanaam Chandasaam ca sameekShaNam.

Dr. Shobha is well-versed in spoken Sanskrit methodology, and has conducted more than 30 spoken Sanskrit workshops. She regularly conducts Samskrit classes for adults and trains them for various examinations. She has set up TRAEEE Samskrita Kendra, a weekly meet to train young kids (9-12 years) on songs, story-telling and drama in Samskrit. Kids are trained to explore, express and excel in Samskrit.

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