Sri Rakesh Koul                                                                     Smt. Veronica Peer                                                            Ms. Nidhi Bhat

      CORE SHARADA TEAM led by Sri. Rakesh Koul has been working dedicatedly from last 3 years towards a revival of the Sharada Lipi, committed to teach the script to all aspirants eager to learn this beautiful lipi.

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Following are their achievements till date:

  1. Taught Sharada Lipi  to more than 1000 students till now through medium of WhatsApp.
  2. A dedicated team of more than 140 members today working on many aspects of this lipi.
  3. Conducted various workshops and seminars for the revival and awareness about this lipi.
  4. Publish at least one article in various monthly community journals of Kashmiri Pandits.
  5. Publish Maatrika, a dedicated quarterly Sharada Journal.
  6. Working on many unexplored manuscripts.
  7. Developed an Android App and a keypad for Sharada lipi.