Frequently Asked Questions about vyoma-saṃskṛta-pāṭhaśālā

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What is vyoma-saṃskṛta-pāṭhaśālā?

Vyoma-saṃskṛta-pāṭhaśālā is a one stop solution for all your Sanskrit learning needs. This virtual pāṭhaśālā is a web based collaborative platform for both teachers and students to teach and learn Sanskrit from the comfort of their homes. It can be accessed at

Why should I consider vyoma-saṃskṛta-pāṭhaśālā for learning sanskrit?

You should consider vyoma-saṃskṛta-pāṭhaśālā for learning sanskrit as it provides the following advantages-

-A one-stop solution for all sanskrit learning needs through the net.
-Customized learning for all ages and levels
-Exam-oriented coaching for school sanskrit syllabi
-Ease of learning and teaching, at a time and place of your choice
-Ability to set your own pace for any course
-A choice of experts from around the globe to learn from
-Facility to constantly measure and improve your performance
-Add your own content and constantly improve the system

When is vyoma-saṃskṛta-pāṭhaśālā available for access?

For self learning vyoma-saṃskṛta-pāṭhaśālā is available 24/7, for teacher assisted courses, it is based on the schedule of teacher and the student.

Where is vyoma-saṃskṛta-pāṭhaśālā situated/located?

Vyoma-saṃskṛta-pāṭhaśālā is a web based platform developed by Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation for learning sanskrit. It sits on a cloud server that is highly reliable.

Which courses can I access through vyoma-saṃskṛta-pāṭhaśālā?

Please browse through our course list

What do you need to access or provide services for vyoma-saṃskṛta-pāṭhaśālā?

A computer with internet connection the below mentioned system requirements –

-PC Processor: 1.3 GHz or higher
-System Memory (RAM): 256MB or higher
-Windows Operating System: Windows 2000 or higher
-Internet access: dial-up 56k or higher (broadband recommended – DSL/Cable/LAN)
-Sound: 16-bit sound card or higher
-Browser: Works best with browsers like Google chrome and firefox.
-Plugin: Adobe flash player needs to be installed for viewing animations.

Do I need to pay for a course?

Most of the courses are Free courses. However, some courses are paid courses also

How do I pay for a course?

Please mail us at with details of the course that you would like to subscribe to.

Do I need to pay full amount for the course?

For self learning courses full amount needs to be paid, for teacher assisted courses it may vary.

I cannot view Devanagari content. I can see junk characters.

If you are unable to read some Unicode characters in your browser, it may be because your system is not properly configured. Here are some basic instructions for doing that. There are two basic steps –
Install fonts that cover the characters you need
1. Windows
1.1 For Windows XP, getting additional languages installed is as follows:
Start > Settings > Control Panel > Regional Options and Language Options.
In the Languages tab, check the Supplemental language support option(s) you want. Setting both options will install all optional fonts. This adds fonts as well as system support for these languages.
1.2 For Windows 2000, getting additional languages installed is as follows:
Start > Settings > Control Panel > Regional Options.
In the General tab, set all the languages you may want to display, the more you set, the more you will be able to process multilingual data through all your applications, including your browser. This adds fonts as well as system support for these languages.
1.3 Full fonts:
If you have Microsoft Office 2000 and newer versions, you can get the Arial Unicode MS font, which is the most complete. To get it, insert the Office CD, and do a custom install. Choose Add or Remove Features. Click the (+) next to Office Tools, then International Support, then the Universal Font icon, and choose the installation option you want.
1.4 To set your tooltip font to be able to display Unicode characters:
Right click on the desktop, pick Properties>Appearance>Advanced>Item: ToolTip, then set the font to Arial Unicode MS or other large font.

2. Macintosh
On Mac OS X, the Safari Web browser includes Unicode support and OmniWeb directly supports Unicode drawing. OmniWeb, however, does not currently provide support for all of Unicode. It can, however, take advantage of Unicode fonts for Windows if properly installed.
There are currently no Web browsers which provide direct Unicode drawing on the Mac OS 9.x or earlier. All the browsers use Apple Language Kits and WorldScript to varying degrees to support Unicode and international text.
Language Kits are installed using your Mac OS 9.x installation CD. Launch the Mac OS Install application. Proceed through the initial screens, selecting the appropriate boot disk. When you reach the “Install Software” screen, click on the “Customize” button. This opens up the Custom Installation and Removal dialog box.
Scroll down to “Language Kits.” Click on the check box, and then select “Customized Installation” from the installation popup to the right. (It will say “None selected” at first.)
This brings up a dialog box with a list of all the available language kits. Select the ones you want, or use the menu at the top of the dialog box to select all of them. Proceed with the installation.
If you already have Mac OS 9.0 installed, you will be asked if you want to add or remove software after you select the installation disk. Click on the “Add/Remove” button. This will bring you to the Custom Installation and Removal dialog box.
The installation procedure is the same for Mac OS 8.6, except that you will be installing “Multilingual Internet Access” instead of Language Kits. For Mac OS 8.5.5 and earlier, it will be necessary to purchase the individual language kits.

Configure your browser to use them.
You should make sure that you are using the most recent version of whatever browser you use, and have installed the fonts you want. The following then describes how to configure browsers for different fonts.

1.1 Internet Explorer
IE is fairly smart about picking tuned fonts for different characters. To set your font as the default for a given block of characters, choose Tools > Internet Options > Fonts, then select the fonts.

1.2 Firefox/Netscape Navigator
You will need to tell NN which fonts to use for which encodings. To set your font as the default for a given block of characters, choose Edit > Preferences > Fonts. Then for each encoding you are likely to use, pick the appropriate fonts for the Variable Width and Fixed Width fonts. It is particularly important to set default fonts for Unicode. These fonts will be used when NN encounters documents encoded in a Unicode variant.

I am unable to login.

Please check your user name and password. If you still have problems, please drop a mail to

I am unable to view animations or videos.

You might be missing plugins. Install latest Flash player and try. If you still have technical problems, mail us at with details. We will resolve it soon.

I am unable to view animations or videos.

You might be missing plugins. Install latest Flash player and try. If you still have technical problems, mail us at with details. We will resolve it soon.

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What will be the validity of the course?

It depends on the course. It will be mentioned in course details. If nothing is mentioned, it will not expire.For more information please browse through courses at learn sanskrit section of the website.

How do I access notes and recordings of a course?

Log in to vyoma-saṃskṛta-pāṭhaśālā.

In the ‘My courses’ page, you will see a list of courses which you are enrolled for, and the lessons under that course.
Click on any of the lesson names to view materials under that lesson.
Please note – Do not click on the Course title. Click on the lesson title only.

I cannot access notes and recordings. I am only able to see Information for the course.

This happens when you click on a Course title from the ‘My courses’ page. Please go back to ‘My courses’, and click on any of the lesson names under the course to access materials related to that lesson.

Can I download the course after registering?

No.It is better to do it through our learning system as it follows a systematic approach.

Can I print the content of the course for which I have registered?

Yes, please make sure it is for your learning purpose only.

Is the content present in vyoma-saṃskṛta-pāṭhaśālā copyrighted?

Yes. Please see our copyright notice for full information.

Will I be given computer and data card for learning?

No. We will not provide computer and data card.

Will I be given computer and data card or a CD for the course i have registered for learning?

No. We will not provide computer and data card or a CD.

Can I know the list of teachers present in vyoma-saṃskṛta-pāṭhaśālā?

Yes. The list is available in the website

I want to learn a particular course from a specific teacher. Is it possible?

We will try to contact that particular teacher, if he/she agrees we will arrange the class else one of our teachers will conduct the class.

Can I meet my teacher in person?

We will try and the teacher should also agree to it. For long duration courses ( more than one year) we may choose to arrange contact classes for some courses in tier 1 n tier 2 cities of India if requested by the students

Apart from the list of courses offered in vyoma-saṃskṛta-pāṭhaśālā, I want to study a specific course.

Please raise a request in the request for a course section in the website.

When will I come to know when the specific course which I requested for is launched?

After you raise a request, we will get back to you within 7 days.

Will there be certificate given at the completion of the course?

No. We are not an university to provide certificate.

Is there a cash back policy on a course?

No. Be it exam related courses or any other courses,we do not have cash back policy on any of the courses.

How many courses can I take at a time?

Any number of courses can be taken.

[/wptabcontent] [wptabtitle]FAQs for Teachers[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Why should I teach through vyoma-saṃskṛta-pāṭhaśālā?

Interested students find difficulty in searching for capable teachers. Flexibility in time and place is also an issue. If you are committed for the cause of spread of sanskrit, please use vyoma-saṃskṛta-pāṭhaśālā.

Will there be training given for new teachers?

Yes, we will train you and provide full support whenever required

Will I be given computer and data card for teaching?

No. We will not provide computer and data card.

What are the terms of agreement if I want to teach in vyoma-saṃskṛta-pāṭhaśālā

The teacher should enter into a professional services agreement(PSA) with us, please write to us to get a sample of the PSA

Will there be remuneration given to me?

If you want to charge for a particular course you are willing to do so. You will receive a major percentage from it as per the payment schedule agreed in the PSA that you enter with us. However, if you want to teach free you are welcome to do so. In case you want to teach free we would not take any amount from you.

How much do I charge for a course?

It shall be mutually agreed between Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation, the owner of VSP and the teacher and shall be specified in the PSA that the teacher enters with us.

How do I get paid?

Payment will be disbursed by Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation as per the agreed payment schedule in the PSA. This differs from course to course. The teacher is not authorised to collect payment directly from the student unless specifically authorised in writing by Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation.

Will there be a minimum amount be paid to me irrespective of the course I teach?

No, there wont be a minimum amount which will be paid.

Will I get salary paid from Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation?

No, salary wont be paid. Based on the professional service agreement you will be paid.

Is service tax applicable for me?

Yes, according to the service tax rules of India you will have to pay the tax.

I don’t want to teach. Can I generate content only? Will I be paid for generating the content

Yes you can help us in generating content for self learning courses. You will be paid for it. The same needs to be mutually agreed with Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation.

Please contact us at –
Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation
No.155, 4th cross, GKW Layout,
Vijayanagar, Bangalore – 560040.
Email –
Ph:+91 9480865623

I will arrange for some students. Will I get any commission?

No commission will not be provided, but we will certainly appreciate your committment for the cause of spreading sanskrit.

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